CAAGE strive to be a fun and engaging community for all government employees and friends. By hosting exciting programs and meetings for our members, we hope to further develop their personal skills and network. Mentorship forums, workshops, community service opportunities and charity events are just part of what we do to enrich the lives of our CAAGE community. We do this in partnership with other Asian affiliate groups like APA Heritage Month, CAAEN, APOA, APALA, SFPD, API Forum and others.

As CAAGE approaches its 20th anniversary, I would like to express my deep appreciation to our long time members who has been an integral part of CAAGE: Rose Chung, Bill Lee, Jack Chin, Art Wong, Frances Hsieh, Bayard Fong, Rita Mah, Cliff Wong, and Don Chan just to name a few. I would like to also extent a warm welcome our new members who just joined us this year, let CAAGE be the circle of belonging for all of us.

In late 2016, CAAGE established bylaw and held its first official election. I am extremely honored to be elected as the President, working alongside a team of talented and dedicated board members: Jacalyn Mah, Adrian Law, Victor Lim, Rally Catapang, Don Chan, Bayard Fong and Hakam Ibrahim.

Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of the CAAGE board, we are excited to showcase our new website and logo. Through this new website, we hope to communicate the stories of our CAAGE community’s great work, current events and activities, as well as information on how you can participate and be part of our community.  

I hope that you will find the information we share to be both useful and inspiring.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas Li, Xye Dagun and other volunteers who contributed their valuable time to design our new logo and revamping this new website.  

Thank you for visiting our website. I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming workshops and events. 


Ashley Cheng

President of CAAGE

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2016 CAAGE Lunar New Year Luncheon

Ashley Cheng, CAAGE President

2017 CAAGE Lunar New Year Luncheon
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Unifying San Francisco's government employees

Coalition of Asian American Government Employees (CAAGE)
Coalition of Asian American Government Employees (CAAGE)

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Ashley Cheng

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2019 -2021 Board of Directors

  • President: Ashley Cheng
  • VP of Operations: Steve Kim
  • VP of Events: Ruby Yu
  • VP of Program: Lily Liang
  • VP of Membership: Ronnie Rodriguez
  • Treasurer: Rally Catapang
  • Secretary: Vivian Po

We are building visibility and awareness while celebrating the diversity of our Asian Pacific American government employees in the City and County of San Francisco.

The Coalition of Asian American Government Employees (CAAGE) is a volunteer organization that aims to promote diversity and goodwill by organizing Asian cultural programs for local, statewide, and federal employees in the public sector in San Francisco. We also support career development through informative workshops, encourage greater camaraderie and collaboration between agencies, and fund raise for Asian community organizations.

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2015 CAAGE Lunar New Year Luncheon