Blue Razz meets Cool Mint Fume Unlimited Flavors Review

There are a lot of different flavors available for you to choose from when it comes to Fume Unlimited. These include Banana Ice, Blue Razz, Grape, and Elf Bar. Each one of these flavors has its own unique taste, but they all blend together to create a sweet, fruity flavor.

Blue Razz meets Cool Mint

When it comes to disposable vapes the Fume Unlimited is the most powerful of its kind. It uses a 400 mAh rechargeable battery and offers more than 7,000 puffs of smoke. A slew of flavors is available, from the classic Blue Razz to the icy Peach Ice. There is even a Blueberry CC which is a blend of blueberries and cotton candy.

Unlike the majority of vapes on the market, the Fume Unlimited is not a one size fits all. The device is available in 20 different flavors. You can also order it in a variety of nicotine levels ranging from 0 to 5 percent. In addition, Fume has a line of disposable vapes with an integrated 450 mAh battery.

While the Fume Unlimited is a good start, you may want to branch out and try some of the other flavors available. For instance, the Peach Ice Fume Unlimited boasts an icy flavor that adds a nice abrasion to the exhale. Another great choice is the Pineapple Fume Unlimited, which packs a punch of Hawaiian pineapple taste.

Banana Ice

Fume Unlimited is a pod vape with a rechargeable battery. The device provides a sweet flavor that is easy to inhale and a long lasting effect.

The Fume Unlimited is available in 17 different flavors, ranging from icy to fruity. Each of the flavors has an incredibly smooth, refreshing hit.

One of the best selling flavors is Purple Rain, which features a fruity blend of raspberries and strawberries. Another popular flavor is Blue Razz, which includes a classic iced blue razz flavor.

Banana Ice, another favorite, features a smooth banana taste mixed with a dash of ice. This flavor also has a cool minty finish.

Watermelon Bubblegum and Pineapple are two other popular options. Both of these flavors are light and sweet. There are also three other fruity flavors, which are Strawberry Mango, Cotton Candy and Rainbow Candy.


Fume Unlimited is a pocket vape that offers a plethora of flavors. The company has also created a variety of rechargeable devices. These disposables can last for up to 7000 puffs. With a sleek, portable design, the disposable vape is perfect for people who don’t want to carry a lot of e-cigs.

Several of the company’s latest models feature the “best of the best” flavors. Among the most popular are Blue Razz Pomegranate, Black Ice, Grape Ice, Yogurt Ice Cream, Tropical Punch, and Double Apple. You’ll definitely love these flavors.

There’s also a brand new flavor called Desert Breeze. This icy blend of fruits and mint is smooth and refreshing. It’s also the most colorful of the Fume ulti-flavors.

One of the most interesting features of the Fume Unlimited is the 14ml e-liquid capacity. Each cartridge contains 14ml of juice that’s pre-filled, so you don’t have to worry about running out of e-liquid.

Peach Ice

Fume Unlimited Flavors Peach Ice is the latest device from the makers of the FUME line of disposable vapes. The Peach Ice, like its predecessors, is a powerhouse and can last you a solid day of vaping. It is powered by a 400 mah USB-C rechargeable battery. A 14mL salt nicotine prefilled pod is also included. With Fume, you’re guaranteed a smooth, enjoyable and flavorful vaping experience every time you pull the trigger.

The best part of the Fume Unlimited Peach Ice is that it comes in a variety of flavors. You’ll find the usual suspects such as blueberries and blackberries, but you can also get your oh-so-sweet on tropical mangoes, watermelon, pineapples, and more. For the e-liquid fiends out there, you can choose from a wide variety of flavor combinations and nicotine strengths.

Elf Bar

Fume Unlimited is a powerful vape device with 7000 puffs of the best flavors in the market. The device is rechargeable and features a 400 mah USB-C battery. It has a chimney stack mouthpiece that makes it easy to inhale.

The device features a stylish, pocket-sized design. It is available in a variety of pastel colors. There is a type-C charger on the side.

Fume offers 20 different flavors. If you’re a fan of icy minty vapes, you should try Mint Ice. Another top-rated flavor is Purple Rain. This flavor blends raspberries, strawberries, bananas, and pineapples.

Elf Bar is a sweeter candied fruit flavor. It has a medium amount of ice on the exhale, but it is not overly sweet. Blueberry is tart, and doesn’t have a particularly sweet flavor.

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