FAQ: Why wont discord connect?

Why is discord stuck on connecting?

The Discord stuck on connecting issue can be caused by your Internet connection or proxy settings. Many users report that after changing the network settings to not use a proxy server, they fixed the discord stuck on connecting problem.

Why won’t my discord call connect?

The issue of “RTC Connecting” is a glitch that is related to headphones and possibly the software itself. The best way to fix this issue on a desktop is to restart the application and your computer. Alternatively you could also switch discord servers, or plug in your headphones in and out again.

Why my discord is not working?

Fix Discord Not Opening – Close Discord in Task Manager and Restart It. Tap Process tab, and find Discord application to click it. Then click End Task button at the right-bottom to kill the background Discord process. Then you can restart Discord to see if it can open and work well.

How do I fix discord stuck on startup?

Method 1: Clear the local Application Data to Fix Discord, not opening.

  1. Press the Windows + R secrets to open the Run energy.
  2. Enter “% appdata%” and click on the ALRIGHT switch.
  3. Locate the Discord folder, then right-click on it and also pick Delete.
  4. Restart your computer system as well as see if you can open Discord.
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How do I fix a stuck discord connection?

If you get stuck on the connecting screen, there’s a few fixes you should try to help.

  1. Restart everything.
  2. Disable antivirus.
  3. Disable proxies.
  4. Check your VPN.
  5. Disconnect from work or school Network.
  6. Add an exception for Discord in Malwarebytes.
  7. Change your server region.
  8. Use flushDNs Command.

How do I fix no route error on discord?

How To Fix The No Route Error?

  1. Fix #1: Reboot And Restart.
  2. Fix #2: Disable QoS.
  3. Fix #3: Check Your Firewall And AV Settings.
  4. Fix #4: Change Your Voice Server Region.
  5. Fix #5: Remove Your VPN.
  6. Fix #6: Verify Whether Discord Is Blocked By Your Network Admin.
  7. Fix #7: Change Current DNS Server To Google DNS Server.

How do I reset discord?

you just have to press hotkey or keyboard short cut key CTRL + R To refresh Discord.

Can’t connect to VC discord?

Let’s get connected

  1. Restart your Modem+Router+Computer – You’d be surprised how often the “turn it off and turn it back on again” trick works.
  2. Check your Firewall/Anti Virus and make sure that Discord is whitelisted/temporarily disabled.
  3. Check your VPN (Discord only works on VPNs that have UDP)

Why isn’t my discord bot not working?

Make sure the bot is visible on the user list. If it’s not visible, the bot does not have access to your current channel. Try sending the bot a direct message for a card, like [[Chromanticore]]. If the bot replies, then the issue lies with your server permissions.

Why is discord so quiet?

The reason behind this issue is usually improper audio settings or your audio device not being selected as the default device. In some cases, the issue might be caused by a Discord update or a bug in the Discord app. Most of these reasons can be eliminated within a few minutes so you don’t have to worry.

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Why is discord a GREY screen?

Sometimes, the Windows Discord app doesn’t open for users. If you double click the executable file, nothing will happen. For people who are seeing just the grey screen, it might be because of discord trying to log you in and it’s stuck in the login process.

How do I fix discord stuck on checking for updates?

How Do I Fix Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates Problem

  1. Restart The Router. If your discord app is not updating or failed to update, restart the router. Sometimes due to misconfigurations, you will face the issue. Router reboot can solve the issue.
  2. Restart The PC. Shut down the discord app. Then restart your computer.

Why is my discord not updating?

If running as administrator failed and you still seem to get the Discord not updating issue then it is worth just reinstalling the application. Download a new installer from https://discordapp.com/ and run it. If that does not fix the issue, you need to reinstall Discord completely.

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