Smokers World A Trendsetter in the Online Smoke Shop Industry

Smokers World sells quality water pipes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer dab rigs with unique features to elevate the experience.

Flower lovers no longer need to brutally crush their buds with a cheap grinder. WoB offers a variety of options, from two-piece grinders to 4-piece grinders with kief catchers.


When it comes to pipes, Smokers World Emerges as the Premier Online Smoke Shop is a variety of durable, high-quality pieces. They offer portable pieces for daily sessions, a variety of shapes and sizes that are great for traveling or incorporating into the home décor, classic bongs like spoon bowls and bubblers, and unique options such as pipes that double as dishware and intricate creatures.

For those cannabis lovers looking to add a more potent experience to their smoking sessions, WoB also offers a variety of dab rigs that provide an intense and unique smoke session. They also carry a vast assortment of other 420 accessories including rolling papers, hemp wicks, and pre-rolled cones. They also offer a selection of grinders to prevent the cruel practice of manually crushing weed with fingers.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs offer water filtration and cooling for smoother hits. They can also have advanced features like a recycler, quartz banger, or carb cap to boost vapor production and flavor.

A wide range of styles and sizes of glass dab rigs are available at WoB. You can find simple water pipes for budget-conscious consumers and artisanal pieces that showcase the artistry of glassmakers.

The collection includes products from renowned dab brands like MJ Arsenal, Puffco, and Empire Glassworks. These glassware designers focus on the overall user experience and deliver a wide range of features to satisfy any dab enthusiast. WoB also offers a selection of stash containers to keep your concentrate or flower fresh and protected from sunlight, heat, and humidity. They also come with convenient lids that prevent spillage.


Whether you’re looking for something that’s functional, fashionable or trendy, Smokers World offers a wide variety of grinders. One of the most popular is the iRainy, a 4-piece grinder that features sharp diamond-shaped teeth, two pollen filters and magnets to keep all the pieces together. It’s made of a zinc alloy that is durable and lightweight.

You can also get a custom grinder from MunchMaker, which uses UV printing or laser engraving to personalize each high-quality aluminum grinder. These grinders also feature a lower chamber for kief collection, which helps prevent weed from losing potency during the grinding process. They’re perfect for companies and individuals who want to advertise their brand or add a personalized touch. They also make great gifts. This is especially true for the iRainy, which features a design inspired by Saturn.

Cleaning Accessories

One of the most overlooked 420 accessories are those meant for cleaning and care. Without proper cleaning, even the best bongs and rigs can become clogged with resin and produce a poor-tasting smoke. World of Bongs offers a wide array of cleaning supplies, including brushes, alcohol wipes, and more. They also offer cleaning formulas specifically for different materials, so smokers can tailor their cleaning routine to their specific rig or bong.

World of Bongs also offers a variety of storage accessories, such as smell-proof bags and airtight jars to keep smoking materials fresh and protected from moisture and light. Lastly, they offer a large selection of rolling papers from the most popular brands and styles, as well as a variety of rolls, pre-rolled cones, and hemp wicks. They also carry a complete line of Zippo lighters in an array of designs and finishes to suit any smoker’s taste.